If you work from home and find yourself overwhelmed by contracts and receipts, it's time to look into home office document management software. Dokmee Home 4.0 offers a wide range of organizational features such as a document imaging and tracking system. However, this will not fit small businesses because it lacks some important document management tools such as file workflow and version controls. If you need a program that integrates with your office software, email program, scanner and mobile device, Dokmee Home 4.0 can save you time and energy by keeping all of your files in one place.

When you start Dokmee Home 4.0 for the first time, you are presented with a list of options, each of which is designed to make the program fit your needs. You can import a pre-existing library or build a new filing system within the program. Dokmee Home works with most scanners, and you'll be able to import files from your word processor and email programs. You can even sync your mobile device with the software to store and access files on the go.

Every file you scan or import into Dokmee Home 4.0 is read and recognized. You can add metadata, tags and other sorting information to make your documents easier to access at any given time. If you lose track of an important contract, you can search by the metadata or by the full text within the document. As you put together new documents, you can quickly search for and attach other files. In no time, your home office can be completely paperless.

For a single user, Dokmee Home 4.0 offers some strong tools. You can convert any file to a PDF, which gives your documents and receipts a standard format. You can then merge or split these PDF files with the click of a button. Dokmee Home is not a great document tracking system, though, because it does not give you version control or document workflows. The software also lacks an auditing system, so small businesses would not be able to see who adjusted a file and when. All of its features and tools point to personal usage by an individual professional.

The manufacturer, OfficeGemini, offers good support tools from the Dokmee website. Representatives are available by email and live chat. If you prefer to solve your own problems, a large FAQs section has a wealth of information. There is also a good help menu within Dokmee Home itself. If you run into any problems, you have several ways to solve them.

Dokmee Home Summary:

Dokmee Home 4.0 is great home office document management software, but it lacks some important tools and features that small businesses require. If you are trying to limit your paper output in your home office, Dokmee Home integrates with many of your computer's programs, with virtually any scanner and with your mobile device. If you run into any problems, Dokmee Home has a wide range of support options.


Dokmee Home 4.0

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Easy to set up and easy to use. Can be easily upgraded when you are ready for more features.

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The Verdict
: 7.95/10

This software is a great introduction to document management software at a reasonable price.